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Our Story

Our Coffee

We’re passionate about bringing premium quality espresso blends to coffee capsules.

A capsule doesn’t limit quality. Using a traditional Italian slow-roasting technique we have created a distinct flavour profile specially made for a capsule format.

We’ve worked with our roaster to blend the perfect roast to harness the strength and full-bodied flavour of premium espresso coffee.

Coffee Beans

Coffee beans, being fruit, are affected by climatic and seasonal factors.

Our beans are sourced from hot and humid plantations in South America and India where the climate has a huge influence on the coffee harvest.

Our premium blend comprises 70% Robusta and 30% Arabica. The slow roast produces smooth chocolate undertones with reminders of pastry and biscuit.

Slow roasting


Achieving the best takes passion and focus. Our roaster is as passionate about great coffee as we are.

Traditional slow-roasting is where the beans are roasted slowly and evenly. This produces a flavour that is well balanced maintaining a perfect consistency between acidity and bitterness.

Our roaster creates and oversees all coffee production personally, so the same high quality taste is produced from every capsule every day.